Sneha HiremathSneha Hiremath is the Chief Image Consultant and the Founder Director of “Bangalore iimage Studio”. She is Trained and Certified from the Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, headed by Judith Rasband – a Certified Image Master (CIM) in collabration with Image Consulting Business Institute.

Sneha develops and enhances individuals and organizations on managing their image and create a powerful first impression. Sneha possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills and is passionate in meeting people and enthusiastic in working with them and grooming them. She understands specific requirements of people and organizations and helps them attain the image they desire.

Sneha is of the firm opinion that the first few seconds of a meeting are crucial to that ‘lasting impression’.

Sneha believes that the way people are perceived by others is down to a massive number of factors, ranging from the visual impact, interaction with others (verbal and non-verbal) and other communication means.

Sneha comes with a massive experience in recruitment , interacting with people of different skills, communities and diversities. She has realized that a lot of people are still short on presenting themselves authentically and appropriately depending on the situation or occasion.

She has observed that many professionals have all the technical knowledge in their chosen area of expertise but sadly, lack the soft skills like presentation of self, body language, verbal and non verbal communication, etiquettes, etc. Many seem to consider non verbal communication does not really matter but in today’s world, presentation is of utmost importance and contributes immensely to a successful  life.

Sneha believes that everyone deserves to be self secure and confident in their own skin. Be it the case of a CEO of a large business organization, an aspiring actor, a job seeker, a housewife, a doctor, a bride to be, a politician or a college student – Image Management is the need of the hour.

Sneha wants all her clients to be self assured, confident, positive and dynamic as is naturally possible post her sessions. She works with each participant individually in assessing their strengths, weaknesses, limitations and their goals and offer personalized image management solutions to work on and help them realise those goals. A customized solution will be crafted based on the individual goals of the participant, focussed to the participant’s short term and long term goals, by highlighting their core strengths and optimizing their true potential to achieve their ambitions.

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