If it were that only academic excellence determined success, then we would have found every top academic in some position of power and authority today. But that is not so in practical life. In practical situations, intelligence and skills are only a couple of parameters on which success is measured.

In scenarios like Interviews, Recruitment, Business Presentations, Addressing live gatherings, Corporate leadership, etc., it is of utmost importance to create a powerful first impression. “First Impression is the Last Impression”. First impression always leaves a massive impact on others within the relevant community. This impact is so huge that the only image that a new person carries away about the other person is what they visualize when they meet a new person for the first time.

For example, during an interview, a powerful first impression is the lasting impression that the interviewer will carry back about the candidate after the interview session. This could be the primary reason of securing that job in addition to one’s own academic and professional qualifications. A good first impression will leave a “positive” and “feel good” impact on the interviewer. A good first impression by the candidate will act as a big differentiator between the potential candidates who have applied for the same vacancy and have been interviewed by the same interviewer and decide who gets the job.

Bangalore iimage Studio, trains the participants on various aspects of personal presentation, code of dressing, developing and defining a powerful and an impressive resume/ CV, handling interviews confidently, nuances of body language, etiquettes (sitting, dressing, grooming, table, eating, meeting, etc.) along with the fine art of communication, power of verbal and non-verbal communication and other related soft skills which helps the participants leave a huge impact on others and on their own careers and life in general.

Sneha Hiremath, Chief Image Consultant at Bangalore iimage Studio, an experienced and a certified Image Consultant herself, is by nature a sensitive person and understands the concepts of confidentiality and sensitivity around her clientele and their consulting requirements.

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