Any retail store cannot do well merely by offering products. The key differentiator is – Customer Satisfaction, i.e., how good a customer feels after a transaction at the retail store. What are the service satisfaction levels of the customer AFTER the transaction ?

Bangalore iimage Studio, offers bespoke and customized training programs for the sales staff from the Retail domain which helps appraise the sales force about the sensitivities of customer requirements and expectations from the sales staff and empower the sales force with processes and procedures to ensure that the customer satisfaction levels are high and more importantly, maintained at that level consistently.

Nowadays, all retail stores want to be seen as customer friendly by offering their customers the best of services along with their product portfolio. Wherever customers find a wider choice of products in various categories accompanied with exceptional customer service, they quite naturally, become loyal to such stores for all their shopping requirements.

Bangalore iimage Studio offerings for the retail domain:

  • Retail store employee training services includes training in Personal Presentation, Body Language, Importance of Dressing right, Etiquettes, Finer Aspects of Communication, Behavioral Skills, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills and also in the skill of advising customers non-intrusively.
  • Engagement for any specific events or on a monthly retainer basis or an in-house consultant to assist the clients in buying right items based on their customer preferences, lifestyle, personal styles and body shapes.

With the recent boom in organized retail chains, there is a fierce competition to bag a larger share of the customer base, increasing their sales and revenues. Apart from great quality and spread of merchandise what sets a store apart is its approach towards “Customer Experience and Satisfaction”.

Well-trained and knowledgeable staff can go a long way into contributing towards the customer experience and not only achieve customer satisfaction but customer delight, the most important parameters to ensure customer loyalty.

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